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I used to upload everything on here and for a long time I thought that would do just fine. Unfortunately, a subset of people chose to reupload my notation to Ultimate-Guitar, Songsterr and various other websites. Whilst I think Songsterr is a fair choice, I despise the services that Ultimate-Guitar provides for a lot of reasons. They're...
  • offering a subscription model via credit card that you (or at least some people) can't get out of
  • using community notation to generate money for their own profit (cloning existing notation for "official" notation)
  • locking Guitar Pro (.gp) tabs for people who haven't opted for a subscription
I've even seen my notation sold on some shop websites which is not fair at all. This website was planned to serve as a library for personal use, not as a redistribution center. That's why I don't upload the Guitar Pro (.gp) files anymore.
Read this post for more information.

On the index page you can find information on the hard- and software that I'm using.

Unfortunately, I can't... kind of! The profiles that I'm using are mostly paid profiles by Michael Britt, but also free profiles from the Rig Manager. I can completely recommend Michael's profiles, but if you want to try some free ones, head to the Rig Manager. The Diezel Hagen profile I'm using is also from the Rig Manager.

In the video description you'll find the tuning of this song. In case, I've forgotten to update the description of older videos, you can also have a look in the notation to see the tuning.

I appreciate every single one of you who points out mistakes, this is how this community thrives. But chances are I've already corrected it. Please, always have a look at the notation that's currently available on my website. I won't reupload the video because of that, but the notation will be corrected and you'll see the last change date in the download area.

This is because, I always try to upload the most recent version to the website. The video versions are often right after the release of a song. You can find a last change date for every notation that I have uploaded in the download area.

First of all, thank you very much, if you want to support me! Currently, I have two things set up:
On Patreon you can donate an amount of your choice for every video I upload. You will also receive the isolated guitar versions this way.
On PayPal you can make a one time donation.